Sea Shirts

I’m curious about the custom services provided.  Do they have a tailor on staff?  If Lynne Segall goes back to Bethany Beach, Delaware anytime soon, she should inquire.



Even if the sun is not shining, this is still a sensational find (ok – that’s really overdoing it!) from Lynne Segall in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.



The joke possibilities are too easy.  Lynne Segall is always in “hot pursuit” of a pun.  Her find suits her well…

LOL.  But Pur•suit puts Lynne is second place so who’s laughing now?  Spotted in Columbus, Ohio.


Culture Shop

Anyone who goes in here is probably in for a shock.  It looks like the costume shop from The Handmaid’s Tale.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Culture Shop Mommy NC.jpeg

Avant Garden

Always ahead of the pack, Lynne Segall finds a unique clothing boutique PSN in Seattle, Washington.

Avant Gardens Lynne Seattle.JPG


Spotted from the tour bus!  Offering the finest in cruise and island styles, Shellections comes straight from Grand Cayman and Murray Goldstein.


Native Sun

He’s not a native and always a little pale, but Murray Goldstein comes shining through with the PSN from Delray Beach, a Florida. The question is, did a Murray actually buy anything here for his wardrobe?Do you really know how much he ate? Rather be safe than sorry.

2 Dye For

It’s rumored that Jerry, Phil, Bob, Mickey, and Bill all got their threads from this outfit in Delray Beach, Florida. Spotted by Morgan Schneider.

Little Bo-Tique

Unlike Little Bo Peep, Randee Schneider hasn’t lost anything.  She’s clearly found a knack for PSN spotting with this darling little find in Sarasota, Florida.

Little Bo Tique Randee Sarasota

Oh My Gauze!

There’s something about the salt air that brings out the puns in beach towns.  Here’s a light and breezy one in Sarasota, Florida from Murray “The Pun Hog” Goldstein.  Murray inspected and verified the store’s goods are indeed flowing gowns reminiscent of something Endora might wear on Bewitched.

Oh My Gauze Murray Sarasota

Incidentally, Oh My Gauze is right next to a location of FantaSea.  It’s such a “punderful” block that it merits a second picture!



Hang Ups

We love PSNs because it shows the business owners do not get too hung up on being so formal.  Case in point is a women’s boutique in Virginia Beach, Virginia found by Sandy Schneider.

Hang Ups Va Beach Mommy

A Shore Thing

Keeping what seems to be a nautical PSN rally going, Andy Schneider finds a shore thing in Charleston, South Carolina.

A Shore Thing.jpg

Vitamin Sea

Sandy Schneider is getting bigger and stronger in the PSN spotting world undoubtedly related to her taking a regular dose of Vitamin Sea.  Spotted in Southport, North Carolina.

Vitamin Sea.JPG

Surf, Wind, and Fire

We’ve all got to get more PSNs in our lives.   Even the bustling metropolis of New Bern, North Carolina knows that.  Spotted by Andy Schneider.  

Men’s Wearhouse

We like the way this looks!  A PSN that has surely stared many of us in the face at one time or another without it even registering.  But it took the clever eye of Sandy Schneider to spot it.  And with this entrant from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, she begins to stretch her lead over the rest of the PSN spotting pack.  Well done mommy!mens-warehouse