Floral and Hardy

Well here’s another fine PSN submission!  In a rare break with protocol, Murray Goldstein gets two photos to his credit.  He learned of this florist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (new ground for PSN spotting BTW) when he received an arrangement (although we’re still not sure why anyone receives flowers on a business trip…).  Later in the day Murray drove past the business but was not able to take a decent picture of it.  The card is real. The photo is from the web.  But we’ll let it slide as Murray’s legitimate intent is there.

Petal Pushers

Be careful and don’t get in over your head with these guys.  The roses are deadly.  Spotted by Andy Schneider in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.petal-pushers-emerald-isle

Petal Pusher

A second Petal Pusher.  Man, will these guys stop at nothing?  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in New York City’s Penn Station.the-petal-pusher