Dog Days

The Dog Days of Summer are when the heat is so hot that things get downright lethargic. But for Sandy Schneider, PSN finding is heating up.  This is her fourth submission of the day! Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.



A PSN is always a cure for what ails ya.  Even better if it’s a PETicure.  Spotted by Lee Sarkin in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Peticure Palm Beach Gardens Lee.jpeg

Central Bark

Rodgers and Hart always said dogs love to row on Central Bark lake.  Do you think they have one here?  Spotted by Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.


Taj Ma-Hound

Not in Agora but in Atlanta, Georgia.  It just couldn’t get any better than this one.  Great find Lynne Segall!

Taj Ma Hound Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Going to the Dogs

Lynne Segall’s PSN spotting skills are certainly not going to the dogs!  Yet another in Atlanta, Georgia.

Going to the Dogs Lynne Atanta.JPG

For Pet’s Sake

I’m not sure if I’d take my pooch here if I lived in Atlanta, Georgia.  But it’s a good enough PSN to make the blog.  Well done Lynne Segall.

For Pet's Sake Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Fast and Furriest

Promising a jaw dropping crazy canine experience comes the Fast and Furriest.  Similar to the seven sequel and counting movie franchise, let’s hope there are more PSNs where this came from.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


Dogs Gone Stylin’

Well doggone if she hasn’t done it again.  Is Sandy Schneider a lucky dog for finding so many PSNs?  Or is she a dog on the hunt?  Either way, she’s thrown us yet another bone from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Bark Harbor

It’s not the Bark Hyatt or even the Waldog-Astoria, but it will do.  Spotted by the doggedly determined-to-find PSNs Lynne Segall in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bark Harbor Lynne Segalle Bar Harbor


At last!  Sandy Schneider finds a textbook example of a PSN.  If one needed to explain a PSN to the uninitiated, Groomingdale’s would be how to do it.  Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Canine Notions on Floor 1 while Better Collars and Junior Miss are on Floor 2.

Groomingdales Mommy Winston

Nauti Paws

The salty dogs in New Bern, North Carolina know a thing or two about sailing.  Now it seems they know about PSNs as well.  With her third submission, Nancy Schneider begins to take ranks with the rest of the prolific PSN spotting family.

Nauti Paws New Bern NC Nancy

Bark Avenue

Does it count if a business is out of business?  It most certainly does if the sign is still up and the blog’s author used to live right nearby.  Here’s a rather woebegone entrant from Atlanta, Georgia.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.fullsizeoutput_2d11

Paws 2 Help

A second “Paws” related PSN within a week.  A fitting name for a not-for-profit canine clinic and no kill shelter.  (P)awwww….  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Jupiter, Florida.IMG_2412

Furever Paws

Although it sounds more like a canine cemetery than anything else, this mobile groomer still qualifies as a PSN.  Spotted by the eagle eyed Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.furever-paws

Ruff Housing

While it is probably not too rough of a place for a guest dog, Ruff Housing is a clever PSN for a  pampered pooch salon, daycare, and boarding business.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.ruff-housing


Something tells me the dogs do not love this place as much as their owners.  Spotted in Mississauga, Ontario by Mike Wien.barkfurjoy

The Waldog Astoria

When only the best will do for your pampered pooch, send them for a stay at the Waldog Astoria.  Note: No kids allowed, even mine!  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Jupiter, Florida. wp_000149

Happy Tails

Something to wag home about…another pet related PSN.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider on the bustling streets of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.happy-tails

Dog Fathers

Make your dogs an offer they can’t refuse.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens,


The staff at this PSN establishment must have very definitive views on how to raise pets.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Irvine, California.dogma-3