Remember when Amazon just sold books.  Well now, a good PSN is about the only thing you can’t buy from it these days. The BookCellar has found a way to compete. Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Book Cellar Me ORD.JPG


Although the PSN applies to only one-half of this Washington, DC institution, we must give credit where it is due.  Our second Afterwords for all those counting.  By the way, a recent seven year old patron said the ribs were excellent.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.afterwords-dc


The in-the-know crowd always knows to go to this PSN book store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.Back Camera


When there is nothing left to say, visit After-Words for some new and gently used books to read.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Chicago, Illinois.after-words