Well Played Board Game Cafe

Although he hates board games with a passion, Andy Schneider loves this PSN from Asheville, North Carolina.   Andy’s better half no doubt took him here for a couple rounds of Yahtzee.

Well Played Andy Asheville.jpeg

Middle Grounds Coffeehouse

There’s no grey area here – this is an excellent PSN from Andy Schneider.  The second in a trio of PSNs on Heritage Street in Kinston, North Carolina.


GI Joe’s Coffee & Snack Bar

Andy Schneider scores a rare hat-trick of PSN spotting on Heritage Street in Kinston, North Carolina.  GI Joe’s is the first in a trio of well-done PSNs.


Bean and Gone

At 10am, Bean and Gone closes for the day.  How fitting.  Spotted by Alex Schneider in Vail, Colorado.



At A Glutton For Pun, it’s a big deal to find a PSN.  But it’s an even bigger deal when you find the same PSN in two different places.  Leave it to Lynne Segall to pull it off.  She originally found ChocoLaté in her native Atlanta.  Now she has found Choco-latté in Bar Harbor, Maine (and we much prefer this spelling).  Well done Lynne!




This one almost fits a coffee PSN name to a “T.”  But unfortunately, they left out the extra “t” that would have had us frothing at the mouth.  Still, they did do an accent egu so we’ll give it to them.  Spotted by Lynne Segall,  a first time punter, in Atlanta, GA.img_7510


Although the PSN applies to only one-half of this Washington, DC institution, we must give credit where it is due.  Our second Afterwords for all those counting.  By the way, a recent seven year old patron said the ribs were excellent.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.afterwords-dc

Perked Up

The lost art of coffee percolation lives on, even if just in PSN only.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.perked_up-2


Java Cow

There’s a little something for everyone at this combination coffee and ice cream eatery. Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Park City, Utah.java-cow

Piece of Cake

Who said traveling was difficult?  It’s a piece of cake at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.piece-of-cake

Ancient Grounds

Seattle takes its coffee seriously.  So it’s puzzling that the owners would give their shop a less than fresh PSN.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.ancient-grounds

Latte Da

For our international readers, “ladida” is an English expression of derision.  However, we love this coffee PSN!  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Dassel, Minnesota.DSCF0379.JPG


Get in and get out because you’ve got to get to class!  Welcome to college life.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider on the grounds of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.outtakes

Bumps and Grinds

This coffee shop at the base of Park City mountain in Utah perfectly encapsulates what a day on the slopes is like for many of us.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.bumps-and-grinds

A Latte Fun

At this place, kids and parents are sure to have a blast.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.a-latte-fun