Well tickety-boo!  Here’s another PSN in Virginia Beach, Virginia spotted by Sandy Schneider.


Sole Searching

Sandy Schneider doesn’t need to find herself when she keeps finding clever PSNs all over the country.  What is it with Southport, North Carolina and PSNs?


Shoefly! I wish Sandy Schneider would stop bothering me with all of her PSN finds.  Well done Mommy!  Spotted in Southport, North Carolina and not to be confused with another Shoe Fly in Boulder, Colorado.


Every Friday, an all girl signing group performs here.  Who?  Diana Ross and the Shoepremes. Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Lake Park, Florida.img_1114

Shoe Fly

If you’re not already flying after some visits to Boulder, Colorado’s Fresh Baked and Green Piece, head on over to Shoe Fly.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.shoe_fly

Flat Out

PSNs come in all shapes and sizes.  And so do these unique shoes. Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.flat_out