Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape

Murray and Laurie Goldstein are like the Cheech and Chong of PSN spotting.  But Laurie comes through with this find all on her own in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cloud 9 Laurie Atlanta

Up In Smoke

Where there is smoke, there is fire in the PSN spotting world.  Sandy Schneider spots another Up In Smoke, this time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the tobacco capital of the world.

Up In Smoke Winston Mommey

World Piece

Always getting a piece of the PSN action wherever she goes, Lynne Segall spots this "tobacco accessory" shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

Iron Lung

The casual PSN spotter might miss this one but not Jonathan Schneider.  From Iron City comes Iron Lung, a vape shop.  We call this a “contextual PSN” because it could only work in a place like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.