Clothes Encounter

Apparently, this one caused some marital strife between Lynne and her husband / chauffeur.  There is a front entrance but the driver refused to stop for it.  We’re glad Lynne encountered the back of the place though.  Spotted somewhere between Ellsworth and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Clothes Encounter Lynne Segall Between Bar Harbor and Ellsworth Maine

Oh My Bod

OMG! It’s a PSN for a women’s clothing store!  OMB! It was spotted by 10 year old Owen Goldvasser in Delray Beach, Florida!  Owen – you are a fine young man with an incredibly bright PSN spotting future aheadimg_5526

Upper Crust

For the discerning PSN enthusiast, there is the Upper Crust pizza parlor in Celebration, Florida.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.upper_crust

The Full Cup

Let’s hope the cups doth not runneth over after one leaves this women’s intimates store.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.the-full-cup