Green With Envy

It’s not easy being green.  Or maybe it is?  Who knows.  But Andy Schneider knows a desirable PSN when he sees one. Fittingly from Greensboro (North Carolina).

Green With Envy Andy Greensboro.jpeg

A Cut Above

This PSN is definitely not a cut above some others I have found but it works.  Spotted by me in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

A Cut Above ME PBI.JPG

A Cut Above

Lynn Segall proves that she is just a cut above other PSN spotters.  She didn’t actually spot this one on the go.  Rather, she emerged from her Atlanta, Georgia home one morning to find the truck parked right out front.  There are no words.

A Cut Above Lynne Segalle Atlanta

Heads Up Sprinkler System

Heads up!  Here’s an incoming PSN from Sandy Schneider spotted in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Growing Concern

Lynne Segall is not concerned because she is definitely a going concern when it comes to PSN spotting.  A lovely little find from Atlanta, Georgia.

Lyn Atl

Under Cut

Let’s hope that the folks at Under Cut over deliver on their lawn care services.  Spotted by a mobile Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Under Cut Winston Mommy

Mr. Mow It All

From aeration to annuals and fescue to fungicides, these guys know their stuff.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Juno Beach, Florida.205b3fd9-1f3b-4e78-bd34-b8690dd37857

Lawn Enforcement

Lawn care is a surprisingly prolific category for PSNs.  And you can definitely feel safe when these guys have your back (yard).  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.lawn-enforcement.jpg

Lawn Rangers

This clever PSN definitely makes the cut.  I wonder if Clayton Moore had a hand in the business?  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.the-lawn-rangers

Lawn Order

Hopefully their service is better than the camera’s focus here.   Spotted by Jonathan Schneider while on I-95 in Miami, Florida.lawn-order

Branch Managers

To get the best arbor care, it pays to talk to the manager.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Jupiter, Florida.branch-managers