The Chiroport

If you need a quick adjustment while connecting in the Atlanta airport, The Chiroport is just the ticket.  Or boarding pass.


Back To Basics

Keeping it real with this PSN.  Spotted by Lynne Segall in Atlanta, Georgia.

Back to Basics Lynne ATL.JPG

Back To Basics

Chiropractic PSNs always quack us up.  Here’s one from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania spotted by Jonathan Schneider.  Looks like the doc has a needy patient approaching.

The Joint

At this Winston-Salem, North Carolina chiropractor’s office, all bones must be connected to the funny bone.  Yet, PSN spotting is no funny business for Sandy Schneider.  The Joint now puts her submission count into double digits.  Chapeau!The Joint.JPG


Back In Action

No adjustment needed for this PSN.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Lake Park, Florida.back-in-action