601 Filling Station

We can never get our fill of restaurant PSNs.  Here’s a third (!) Filling Station and the second found by Sandy Schneider.  Not in LA or Winston but in Mocksville, North Carolina.


3 Blind Dice

We’re not sure what blind dice are, but they sure do make for a clever PSN in Winston-Salem, NC.  Well played Sandy Schneider.



An interesting take on the classic English expression.  Spotted in Valencia, Spain by me.  And the first – and perhaps only – PSN in the category.

To The Loo.JPG

Hull Street Blues

This post is dedicated to the recently deceased and brilliant TV writer Steven Bochco.  Liz Moore spotted this bar on Hull Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  Yours truly was with her and even missed it.

Hull Street Blues Liz Baltimore.JPG

The Goldfather

Here’s a PSN no one can refuse.  Spotted in Pasadena, Maryland by the master.

Goldfather Maryland.jpeg

Central Bark

Rodgers and Hart always said dogs love to row on Central Bark lake.  Do you think they have one here?  Spotted by Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.


Knead Bread

I’ve been on a dry spell lately.  I certainly needed this one.  Spotted in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Knead Bread Palm Beach Gardens Jonathan.JPG

Taj Ma-Hound

Not in Agora but in Atlanta, Georgia.  It just couldn’t get any better than this one.  Great find Lynne Segall!

Taj Ma Hound Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Salt and Paper

The absolutely perfect name for a nautical inspired stationery and gift store.  We’re not sure where Manzanita, Oregon is but thanks to Lynne Segall, it’s on the PSN map.

Salt and Paper Manzanita OR.jpeg

Sew Original

This one is sew cool!  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  It’s cut from the same cloth as this one in Palm Beach, Florida.

Sew Original Winston Mommy .jpeg

Points of Health

Lynne Segall makes it a point to find a PSN wherever she goes.  Like in Seattle, Washington.

Points of Health Lynne Seattle.JPG

Painting The Town

Let’s paint the town with PSNs!  Or how about just paint?  In any event, call Tony he’s got you covered…Spotted by Andy Schneider in New Bern, North Carolina.

Painting The Town New Bern Andy.jpeg

Maid To Clean

Sandy Schneider sure was made to find PSNs.  Even if they are just a sticker on a truck.  Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Maid To Clean Mommy Winston.jpeg

Maddie’s Cakes

It’s always a treat to find a PSN that incorporates a proper name.  This sweet one sure does.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Advance, North Carolina.

Maddie's Cakes Winston Mommy.jpeg

Latté Da

A second Latté Da!  Spotted in Captiva, Florida by Brad Singer.

Latte Da Captiva Brad Singer.jpeg

Labor Panes

Sandy Schneider takes great pains to find PSNs wherever she goes.  It’s truly a labor of love.  Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  This one reminds me of a business in Richmond, Virginia, my hometown.  The “Glass Doctor” would fix your panes.

Labor Panes Mommy.jpeg

In Stitches

In the tony environs of Buckhead (that’s Atlanta, Georgia for all you Yankees), In Stitches holds up the fine tradition of PSNs.  No relation to Always In Stitches though.  Spotted by Lynne Segall.

In Stitches Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Gotcha Covered

Lynne Segall always has us covered with her myriad of finds.  She’s not blind to this one seen in Atlanta, Georgia.  We always wonder what the “more” is with these kinds of places.

Gotcha Covered Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Going to the Dogs

Lynne Segall’s PSN spotting skills are certainly not going to the dogs!  Yet another in Atlanta, Georgia.

Going to the Dogs Lynne Atanta.JPG

For Pet’s Sake

I’m not sure if I’d take my pooch here if I lived in Atlanta, Georgia.  But it’s a good enough PSN to make the blog.  Well done Lynne Segall.

For Pet's Sake Lynne Atlanta.JPG