Tank It Easy

Sam Deidrich and his family are saying “take it easy” to Chicago this weekend as they move East to Connecticut.  It was only fitting that Sam found this ichthyologian PSN during his final days there.  Bon voyage Sam and congrats on your first submission.


What the PHO’

After careful consideration (and another punster who submitted it), we’re inducting What the Pho’ into AGP.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.  I didn’t think the name had similar enough phonics to the real expression to be a pun.  But now I get it.  What the pho was I thinking????  Spotted by Lynne Segall.



The joke possibilities are too easy.  Lynne Segall is always in “hot pursuit” of a pun.  Her find suits her well…

LOL.  But Pur•suit puts Lynne is second place so who’s laughing now?  Spotted in Columbus, Ohio.


The Dog Haus

Never one to be in the dog house of PSN spotting, Andy Schneider throws us a bone from Soho in NYC.  Notice the “olde world” spelling.



In the blink of an eye, I could have missed this one given the tree cover and that I was driving.  Although I spotted, Liz Moore gets credit for the photo.  From Los Angeles, California.


Earth, Wind, & Flour

With the utmost reverence I post this find from Los Angeles, California.  Maurice would be proud.


Sib Bling

Technically, the name of this Miami Beach jewelry store is a PSN portmanteau.  It took the keen eye of Donna Seldes, a longtime Miami Beach resident but first time punster to spot it.  Two sisters own the shop and they promise to bling you out for your next encounter with Gloria Estefan.  Welcome to the site Donna!  Remember to focus next time!


Cutt’n Up

The owners of this establishment in Gloucester, Virginia must do a lot of cutti’n up because they only work three days a week from 9am – 3pm.   Spotted by Sandy Schneider, the Vidal Sassoon of PSNs.


The Bean Counter

Proving that a PSN can be right under your nose and you can still miss it (even if it is does have the aroma of a coffee shop), Lynne Segall sends us a perky little office building cafe in Atlanta, Georgia.  According to Lynne, “I have been going to the same dentist for over 20 years. I have never been early and never knew the building was connected to another building with a shared cafe and sundry shop and THIS.”

By the way, with this entrant, Lynne ties up with my mom yet again at 74.  But who’s counting?


Souper Jenny

Lynne Segall has been telling me about this one for the longest time.  And she finally nabs it.  And yes, Jenny does own the place.  Superb.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.



The antidote to bad hair days… With two finds in one day, Jill Abel is finally letting her hair down and getting into the flow of finding PSNs.  Spotted in Jacksonville, Florida.



Jill Abel just idolizes her younger brother (me) and his ability to find PSNs wherever he goes.   We’re not very well represented in Jacksonville, Florida and Jill is out to change that.  At first I thought this was an eyeglass store!


Spokesman Cycles

If the National Bike Dealers Association needed a spokesman, it might have found one in NYC.  A Sunday morning find from Andy Schneider.


Waxing The City

For many, Palm Beach Gardens and its surrounding environs are the “Sixth Borough” of New York City. So it’s highly likely that Candace Bushnell and her crew come here for all of their waxing needs when in town. Spotted by me with vociferous objection from Lynne Segall.

Bake My Day

Well this one certainly made my evening.  Walt Abercrombie, an unknowing first time punster spotted this organic bakery in Amsterdam and posted it on his blog.  Usually along with Linda, his wife, but sometimes solo (like when he rode across the US), he takes some incredible and always well-photographed journeys.  Although Walt didn’t “officially” submit this one to AGP, we’re going to give it to him since he’s such a great guy.

Bake My Day Walt.jpg

Mussel Inn Seafood Restaurant

Feeling a bit left out of the game by his mom, dad, and baby sister, Henry Moore muscles his way into PSN spotting with this impressive first find.  Another from Edinburgh, Scotland.


Thistle Do Nicely

Did you know that the thistle is the national flower of Scotland?  I didn’t until first time punster Dany Weer sent me this nice find from Edinburgh.  Hope she brings me back something from there.


Bah Hum Bug

The only person who will act like a curmudgeon because of this find will be Lynne Segall. She will lose her short-lived second place punster status as a result. Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paint the Town

Maroon is my least favourite color in the universe. The owner of this mobile business should focus on painting the car first and foremost. Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Coco Logo

Call me crazy, but I love this PSN spotted on Royal Caribbean’s “private island,” Coco Cay somewhere in the emerald green waters of the Bahamas.