Special Teas

Whether this establishment is coming in or going out, it’s special because it’s the first tea related PSN we’ve found.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Field of Greens

If you find it – and it’s worthy of a spot on A Glutton For Pun – it will be posted.  Congrats to Murray Goldstein for finding this dreamy PSN at Sun Trust Park, the new home field of the Atlanta Braves.



It’s always a pleasure to see a PSN play upon the concept and the physical contents of the business.  Here’s one that does just that – a Winston-Salem, North Carolina arcade of retro video games.  Spotted by Andy Schneider.


Prints Charming

Nancy Schneider gets the point here for spotting a now out-of-business pun shop in Charleston, South Carolina.  Some forensic PSN spotting has determined it was a custom framing and home decor store.  As Andy Schneider, Nancy’s prince charming, said, “The parking sign indicates the PSN was more successful than the actual shop.”


Second Wind

Opening a new category of PSNs (recycled art), Andy Schneider brings us Second Wind from the quaint seaside village of Oriental, North Carolina.  This is a “wind-win” PSN!

Oh! Fudge.

Virginia Beach, Virginia is a family spot so thankfully this PSN proprietor showed some restraint when naming the business.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider.


Twice As Nice

The amateur PSN spotter would have to do a double take to recognize this PSN.  But not Andy Schneider.  He gets it right the first time.  Spotted in New Bern, North Carolina.

Twice As Nice.jpg

Wok & Roll

Yet another Wok & Roll from Sandy Schneider, the woman who is truly on a PSN spotting roll.  Spotted in Leland, North Carolina.

Wok & Roll.JPG

Kutn’ Up

It’s a rather hair-raising looking building but it makes the cut for a PSN.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Jackson, North Carolina.  It joins its “Cut’n” siblings The Cut’ N Edge and Kut-N-Up.

Kutn' Up.JPG

A Shore Thing

Keeping what seems to be a nautical PSN rally going, Andy Schneider finds a shore thing in Charleston, South Carolina.

A Shore Thing.jpg

Vitamin Sea

Sandy Schneider is getting bigger and stronger in the PSN spotting world undoubtedly related to her taking a regular dose of Vitamin Sea.  Spotted in Southport, North Carolina.

Vitamin Sea.JPG

Surf, Wind, and Fire

We’ve all got to get more PSNs in our lives.   Even the bustling metropolis of New Bern, North Carolina knows that.  Spotted by Andy Schneider.  

Sole Searching

Sandy Schneider doesn’t need to find herself when she keeps finding clever PSNs all over the country.  What is it with Southport, North Carolina and PSNs?


Shoefly! I wish Sandy Schneider would stop bothering me with all of her PSN finds.  Well done Mommy!  Spotted in Southport, North Carolina and not to be confused with another Shoe Fly in Boulder, Colorado.


A temple to the mighty kielbasa from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they know a thing or two about them.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.


The food was ok – not terrible but not great.  Guess that is why it’s called Burgatory.  Note to the proprietors: maybe pick a superalative next time.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Iron Lung

The casual PSN spotter might miss this one but not Jonathan Schneider.  From Iron City comes Iron Lung, a vape shop.  We call this a “contextual PSN” because it could only work in a place like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Back To Basics

Chiropractic PSNs always quack us up.  Here’s one from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania spotted by Jonathan Schneider.  Looks like the doc has a needy patient approaching.

Better Byte

Who knew there were healthier alternatives for computers? Evidently a better lifestyle is critical after after one takes his computer in for repair.   And bonus – this facility also handles recycling!  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Baltimore, Maryland.


Floral and Hardy

Well here’s another fine PSN submission!  In a rare break with protocol, Murray Goldstein gets two photos to his credit.  He learned of this florist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (new ground for PSN spotting BTW) when he received an arrangement (although we’re still not sure why anyone receives flowers on a business trip…).  Later in the day Murray drove past the business but was not able to take a decent picture of it.  The card is real. The photo is from the web.  But we’ll let it slide as Murray’s legitimate intent is there.