High Altitude

It’s been far too long since the last post and so much has changed in the world. But what better way to begin anew than on this high note in Dillon, Colorado from yours truly!

Smarty Plants

What does one study to open a place like this? Horticulture? Botany? Phytogeography? Ecology? Floristics? Paleobotany?

From me (and even made a u-turn to get it) in Lake Worth, Florida.

Just Kiln Time

It was kind of quiet around here so this PSN came just in the knick of time. Undoubtedly, it’s going to fire some of you up to redouble your efforts to find extraordinary PSNs from around the globe.

From Liz Moore in Marietta, Georgia.

Bottle & Soul

A PSN off of the most famous jazz song ever. Only fitting it comes from Stuart Weger, a fellow jazz lover, and even more so that it hails from NYC.

Woof Gang

Ever since becoming a dog owner in 2012, I’ve shopped at Woof Gang, a boutique canine bakery and pet store. And while I always thought it a PSN, I was hesitant as it was a play on a proper name.  Several people have sent it in only for me to reject it.

But life is too short to let a PSN go to waste so I am changing my bark, allowing it, and giving it to first time spotter Grant Baldwin who saw it in Savannah last weekend.  Welcome to the AGP club Grant!

I am sure this post will generate howls from some.  But doggonit, this is my blog and I’ll do what I want!


Because he likely won’t ever submit a PSN himself, here’s my dog Pippin at Woof Gang’s Palm Beach Gardens location.  Nothing is too good for my baby!


Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing is located at the corner of humor and horror.  We’re happy Lynne Segall made it out of this Atlanta establishment alive.


The Pet Set

Jetsetters must have a lot of guilt when they leave their pets at home.  For them, there is The Pet Set boutique in Atlanta, Georgia.  From Lynne Segall.


Hair We Are

Stand up and be counted – or cut. From Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Wined Up

Success on his third try while in New York City!  Over the last few days, Andy Schneider sent in what he thought were two great finds – Ground Central and Tiecoon.  Little did he know that for the former, his son had beaten him to the punch by a few hours. And for latter, his brother had done by it six years.


Shear Miracles

“It’s a miracle the pic turned out in the dark!!” says Lynne Segall with a delightful find from Atlanta, Georgia.

I suspect Lynne is now carrying around super sensitive photo equipment no matter where she goes (or when) in order to photograph a PSN.  She plays it cool here suggesting she is simply using an iPhone. We know better. She is nervous about holding on to second place with a submission from Sandy Schneider earlier today.


Reel Deal

15 years here and I am still killing it with finds on every street or dock as in this instance.  From West Palm Beach, Florida.



Don’t let the name scare you…

It seems like this growers collective is doing things right.  Submission five from Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.



A food truck on the Washington, DC mall is never a dum idea.  From Sandy Schneider.


Chariots For Hire

Cue the Vangelis. Sandy Schneider is moving on up and poised for en epic race to retake second place.  In Washington, DC.


Ground Central

From Joel Schneider in New York City.  I don’t even think he drinks coffee but he sure is alert enough to find a Gotham inspired PSN. Well done.


The Merchant of Tennis

Could this PSN get any better?  It’s so good, it’s deserving of me writing its description in iambic pentameter.  But certainly not deserving of the porta potty in the photo. From Mike Wien in Oakville, Ontario.


The Big Cover Up

It would be absolutely grand for a wallpaper company. I’ll take painting though with a side of pressure washing. Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Buy The Seashore

She’s on a well-deserved celebratory Disney cruise having just finished her masters degree in speech pathology from The George Washington University.  But that doesn’t stop Hannah Abel from being keenly observant of the PSN world around her. Even when that world is confined to Disney’s private Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.



Lynne Segall is one hot chick. But she is also on a hot streak with finding PSNs. She has sent so many that even she got confused thinking I already had this one in Decatur (Atlanta for everyone else), Georgia.

Say Cheese!

The Schneider brothers have a good eye for cheese related PSNs.  Joel brings us a photograph worthy find from Georgetown, DC while his brother Bradley’s lone submission remains a shop in Princeton, New Jersey.