Suga & Ice

We’re not sure what luxury ice cream is but it sure sounds nice…

With this one from Duluth, Georgia, Lynne ties up Sandy Schneider for the second place punster spot.   Congrats Lynne!  Only time will tell (great PSN for a watch shop by the way) if Lynne can hang on or surpass Sandy.


Alphabet Scoop

With this clever first submission, Aaron Peyton suggests he could be a master of the A, B, Cs of PSN spotting.  A geographically contextual PSN in Manhattan.

Alphabet Scoop A Peyton NYC.jpeg
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You know, there’s just really good chemistry with Lynne Segall and PSNs.  Here’s proof from Houston, Texas.

Creamistry Houston Lynne

Ice Queen Parlour

Don’t let the name scare you.  Surely the proprietor of this Winston-Salem, North Carolina ice cream truck has a softer side.  Spotted by Sandy

Scoop DeVille

If the PSN doesn’t get you, the signage will.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.scoop-deville.jpg