What the PHO’

After careful consideration (and another punster who submitted it), we’re inducting What the Pho’ into AGP.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.  I didn’t think the name had similar enough phonics to the real expression to be a pun.  But now I get it.  What the pho was I thinking????  Spotted by Lynne Segall.


The Dog Haus

Never one to be in the dog house of PSN spotting, Andy Schneider throws us a bone from Soho in NYC.  Notice the “olde world” spelling.


Earth, Wind, & Flour

With the utmost reverence I post this find from Los Angeles, California.  Maurice would be proud.


Souper Jenny

Lynne Segall has been telling me about this one for the longest time.  And she finally nabs it.  And yes, Jenny does own the place.  Superb.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.


Mussel Inn Seafood Restaurant

Feeling a bit left out of the game by his mom, dad, and baby sister, Henry Moore muscles his way into PSN spotting with this impressive first find.  Another from Edinburgh, Scotland.


Dog House

If you stuff your face, lounge around all day, and get massively sun burnt, you won’t be in the dog house on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. Because that’s what is required even if you don’t make it to this onboard eatery. Spotted by me somewhere on the high seas of the Bahamas.

Pita Pan

Proving that she is becoming a grown up in the world of PSN spotting, Laurie Goldstein finds this one north of the border in Montreal, Canada.  Tres bien!


The Organic Coup

Lynne Segall is staging a peaceful coup to grab top PSN status.  And she’s doing it organically.  Spotted where else but in San Francisco, California.

The Organic Coup Lynne SFO.JPG

Off The Hook

It’s not an off the chain PSN but it works.  Spotted by Andy Schneider in Moorehead City, North Carolina.

Off the Hook Andy Moorehead City.jpeg

Home Plate

Lynne Segall strikes again with another PSN find. Spotted in San Francisco, California.

Home Plate Lynne SFO.JPG

Food For Thought

Lynne Segall should really think twice before sending me such a bad image.  But I appreciate the effort.  I wonder what is on the menu that is so thought provoking.  Spotted in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Food For Thought Lynne PBG.JPG

We Were Made Pho Each Other

Absolutely brilliant find by Lauren Goldvasser in George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.  This is the (pho) real deal ladies and gentlemen.

We Were Made Pho Each Other Lauren IAH.jpeg


Eggs (lightly scrambled) are my favourite food so this PSN blows me away.  Spotted by Lauren Goldvasser, in Montreal, Canada.

Eggspectations Lauren.JPG

Son of a Bun

All the way from Cork, Ireland.  Spotted by first time punster. Elsa Moore (not a son of a gun but the daughter of my business parter).  Mom gets the photo credit.


the Melt Down

There couldn’t be a better name for what it’s like to be in Florida in the Summer.  Oh, and this happens to be a PSN too.  Spotted by Joel Schneider in the oddly named “30A” Florida.  Incidentally, this is Joel’s second grilled cheese PSN.  And Bradley, his brother, sent one as well.  Must run in the family.


Dig In

Lynne Segall gets the first multiple image post. She digs into the art of PSN spotting with this find in the Big Apple.



A lovely blending of Mexican and Indian cuisine! This was cooked up to order for a PSN! Spotted in Manhattan by Lynne Segall.


601 Filling Station

We can never get our fill of restaurant PSNs.  Here’s a third (!) Filling Station and the second found by Sandy Schneider.  Not in LA or Winston but in Mocksville, North Carolina.


Hull Street Blues

This post is dedicated to the recently deceased and brilliant TV writer Steven Bochco.  Liz Moore spotted this bar on Hull Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  Yours truly was with her and even missed it.

Hull Street Blues Liz Baltimore.JPG

Maddie’s Cakes

It’s always a treat to find a PSN that incorporates a proper name.  This sweet one sure does.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Advance, North Carolina.

Maddie's Cakes Winston Mommy.jpeg