Lynne Segall is one hot chick. But she is also on a hot streak with finding PSNs. She has sent so many that even she got confused thinking I already had this one in Decatur (Atlanta for everyone else), Georgia.

Say Cheese!

The Schneider brothers have a good eye for cheese related PSNs.  Joel brings us a photograph worthy find from Georgetown, DC while his brother Bradley’s lone submission remains a shop in Princeton, New Jersey.


Fire and Rice

Let’s have a big AGP welcome for Andrea Lauer Rice for a red hot submission from Naples, Florida.  We love seeing the happy couple but Andrea now knows we keep the people out of the shot as best we can.  We can’t have anything detract from the PSN itself.


Party Fowl

I had to slow my rental car down to a crawl to snap a pic in Nashville, Tennessee.  But hey, no harm, no fowl.


A Salt & Battery

Andy Schneider commits a crime of PSN passion with this spectacular find in New York City, New York.  Well done.

A Salt & Battery.jpeg

The Crab Bag

Lynne Segall has the second place PSN spotting ranking in the bag thanks to finds like this one from Ocean City, Maryland.


Liquid Assets

Only a b-school professor could identify a PSN like this.  And one did!  Thanks Lynne Segall for capitalizing on the opportunity to find a PSN during your travels to Ocean City, Maryland.  We owe you a huge debt of gratitude!


off the hook

A normally reserved Lynne Segall let her hair down here and the rest was history.  From Bethany Beach, Delaware.



Lynne Segall didn’t let this one get away.  She spotted it hook, line, and sinker.  From Ocean City, Maryland.


Ray’s Hell Burger

We don’t know what a “Hell Burger” is but this PSN is fire!  Spotted by Hannah Abel in Washington, DC.

Ray's Hell Burger Hannah DC.jpg

Thai Tanic

I’ve got a sinking feeling this restaurant may not be around for long if it does not get its identity straight and its name sorted out.  But congrats to Jill Abel for a side splittingly good find in Washington, D.C.

Thai Tanic Jill Washington DC.jpg

Stacked Pancake House

With his second submission, Mike Wien doesn’t exactly have a stack of PSNs to his credit but he is working on it.  Spotted in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.  Keep ’em coming Mike.

Stacked Mike Wien.jpeg

My Thai OC

Ominous skies can’t keep Lynne Segall away from a PSN.  Here she is with her second My Thai.  Don’t let the swanky looking building and signage fool you – it’s not from Orange County, California but rather from posh Ocean City, Maryland.


Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme presents an ethical dilemma for AGP.Originally spotted by Sandy Schneider in Highlands, North Carolina but photographed by a recently sojourning Judy Chadwick. So who gets the credit?

Sandy and Judy are friends but finding PSNs is war.  We’ll give it to Sandy but Judy gets an honorable mention.

Wild Thyme Mommy and Judy Chadwick NC.JPG

Wingin’ It Bistro

It may have winged it for a bit too long as this “bistro” seems defunct.  But if the sign is still up, it can go up on AGP.  Spotted by me in Decatur, Georgia.

Winging It Decatur Jonathan.jpeg

Knot Just Pizza

With his second submission, Owen Goldvasser proves that he’s knot just a one hit wonder.  Although his mom tried to steal the credit, Owen comes through with a find from West Palm Beach, Florida.


What the PHO’

After careful consideration (and another punster who submitted it), we’re inducting What the Pho’ into AGP.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.  I didn’t think the name had similar enough phonics to the real expression to be a pun.  But now I get it.  What the pho was I thinking????  Spotted by Lynne Segall.


The Dog Haus

Never one to be in the dog house of PSN spotting, Andy Schneider throws us a bone from Soho in NYC.  Notice the “olde world” spelling.


Earth, Wind, & Flour

With the utmost reverence I post this find from Los Angeles, California.  Maurice would be proud.


Souper Jenny

Lynne Segall has been telling me about this one for the longest time.  And she finally nabs it.  And yes, Jenny does own the place.  Superb.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.