the Melt Down

There couldn’t be a better name for what it’s like to be in Florida in the Summer.  Oh, and this happens to be a PSN too.  Spotted by Joel Schneider in the oddly named “30A” Florida.  Incidentally, this is Joel’s second grilled cheese PSN.  And Bradley, his brother, sent one as well.  Must run in the family.


Dig In

Lynne Segall gets the first multiple image post. She digs into the art of PSN spotting with this find in the Big Apple.



A lovely blending of Mexican and Indian cuisine! This was cooked up to order for a PSN! Spotted in Manhattan by Lynne Segall.


601 Filling Station

We can never get our fill of restaurant PSNs.  Here’s a third (!) Filling Station and the second found by Sandy Schneider.  Not in LA or Winston but in Mocksville, North Carolina.


Hull Street Blues

This post is dedicated to the recently deceased and brilliant TV writer Steven Bochco.  Liz Moore spotted this bar on Hull Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  Yours truly was with her and even missed it.

Hull Street Blues Liz Baltimore.JPG

Maddie’s Cakes

It’s always a treat to find a PSN that incorporates a proper name.  This sweet one sure does.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Advance, North Carolina.

Maddie's Cakes Winston Mommy.jpeg


A PSN with a true backstory!  Here’s a sandwich shop from famed restauranteur, Tom Colicchio.  His first restaurant was named Craft so we have a double PSN here.  Kudos to Andy Schneider on this find in Manhattan.

'Wichcraft Manhattan Andy.jpeg

Pizza Arte

With a string of recent submissions, Nancy Schneider seems to be raising PSN spotting to an art form. Spotted in Manhattan.



Let’s Meat

Nancy Schneider comes face-to-face with a carnivorous PSN in Manhattan.  And she’s a vegetarian!

Lets Meat Nancy NYC.jpeg

Field of Greens

Whatever joke there could be about this eating establishment, I’m sure I’ve used it here.  Spotted by Lynne Segall in Houston, Texas.

Field of Greens Houston Lynne.JPG

Eggs Cetera

Here is an egg-ceptional PSN from Lauren Goldvasser in Lake Worth, Florida.  Etc. Etc. Etc.


Chaat N Roll

With this brilliant first submission from Seattle, Washington, we like how Brad Singer rolls. Could he get on a PSN spotting roll?

We The Pizza

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or something in between, all of us will agree that “We The Pizza” is a fine PSN.  Spotted by Joel Schneider in Washington, DC.



If all of my PSN finds were of this caliber, it would have been hard to build my incredible legacy of great finds.  But this place was actually pretty good so it makes the cut.  Spotted in the Moxy Hotel in New York City, New York by yours truly.

Legasea NYC Jonathan.jpeg

Never Enough Thyme

Liz Moore, a first time contributor, brings us this timeless PSN from Alpharetta, Georgia. Only time will tell if Liz has what it takes to climb the ranks of PSN spotters.

Never Enough Thyme Liz Alpharetta.JPG

True Confections

Let’s hope the treats here are better than the movie that inspired the PSN.  In any event, this is a sweet PSN.  Spotted by Lynne Segall in Asheville, North Carolina.

True Confections Asheville NC Lynne.JPG

Shoo Fry

Shoo, get away, don’t bother me with less than stellar PSNs.  They had better be as good as this establishment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Evidently revisionist history has trendy putine replacing molasses based pie as the official meal of Confederate and Union Civil War troops.



I’m not bragging but yours truly scored a perfect five on his Advanced Placement biology exam back when he was a junior in high school.  It’s no wonder I found this one so easily in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Gasland Strip Club

The amateur PSN spotter might walk right by this San Diego, California establishment.  But not Andy Schneider,  he sees it almost as if he had been “steaking” it out.


Agave Maria

Here’s a sweet PSN from from first time spotter Laurie Goldstein (although her husband is high on the submission leaderboard).  Do you think they play Schubert during happy hour?  Spotted in Memphis, Tennessee.