Special Teas

Whether this establishment is coming in or going out, it’s special because it’s the first tea related PSN we’ve found.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Field of Greens

If you find it – and it’s worthy of a spot on A Glutton For Pun – it will be posted.  Congrats to Murray Goldstein for finding this dreamy PSN at Sun Trust Park, the new home field of the Atlanta Braves.


Wok & Roll

Yet another Wok & Roll from Sandy Schneider, the woman who is truly on a PSN spotting roll.  Spotted in Leland, North Carolina.

Wok & Roll.JPG


A temple to the mighty kielbasa from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they know a thing or two about them.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.


The food was ok – not terrible but not great.  Guess that is why it’s called Burgatory.  Note to the proprietors: maybe pick a superalative next time.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Melting Pot

Proving that PSNs can truly unite us, Sandy Schneider spots The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Melting Pot

Pita Pan

Evidently the owner of this establishment rebelled against growing up by choosing a playful PSN. Spotted in Baltimore, Maryland by Jonathan Schneider.

Farm to Ladle

Farm inspired PSNs are sprouting up everywhere!  Who better to bring you Farm to Ladle than the same folks who are behind The Breadwinner. We can’t wait for their third  venture!  Spotted by the company’s CFO, Nannette Wien in Atlanta, Georgia.

Farm to Ladle outside

Founding Farmers

Only in Washington, D.C. would this farm-to-table PSN work.  The irony is that a lot of America’s Founding Fathers were actually farmers (or plantation owners).  Spotted by Joel Schneider.



Subs Conscious

Stuart Weger from NYC has been thinking about PSNs ever since this blog began.  He just could not get them off his mind no matter what he was doing.  And what a fitting first submission!  Spotted on the Upper West Side of the Big Apple.


Lauren Goldvasser shows that she’s the real deal in the PSN spotting world with this submission from Breckenridge, Colorado.  Now if only the real estate company would consider a name change.  Two PSNs on the same sign would be quite the find.


The Dog House

Well hot dog!  Joel Schneider has found another PSN and ties his father with three submissions.  He’s officially out of the dog house.  Spotted in Raleigh, North Carolina.


The Filling Station

We’re filling up on Filling Stations!  Here’s a second one (remember the first from Los Angeles) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina from bountiful spotter Sandy Schneider.


Jammin’ Crepes

Bob Marley would be all over this double PSN. Jammin’ must mean the crepes are excellent (Andy Schneider, the spotter didn’t taste them but we’ll take the store’s word for it). Jammin’ also refers to the restaurant’s signature product – crepes with jam inside.  Genius!  But what did you expect from a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey?fullsizeoutput_2d16

The Filling Station

If you’re looking for some high octane refreshments after a long day of conference going at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, you’ve found the right spot. Found by Jonathan Schneider.

Breadwinner Cafe

The food (especially the lemon-poppyseed bread) is so great here that everyone is a winner!  Nannette Wien, its controller / CFO, submitted this one from Atlanta, Georgia.breadwinner

Dough Boys

World War I buffs will love the pizza here at this Virginia Beach, Virginia establishment.  Yet another from Sandy Schneider.  PSN spotting must run in the family.IMG_1665.JPG

Say Cheez

What can you say about a PSN for a grilled cheese restaurant?  How about say cheez! Spotted by Bradley Schneider in Princeton, New Jersey.  Nice touch with the orange and black color scheme as well!IMG_6957.JPG

Phat Phuc

All the way from London, England comes this terrific PSN from Alan Liebowitz. I don’t know if this would fly in middle America and who knows what the neighbors think, but Phuc ’em.  This is a spectacular PSN.15622173_10154798211834414_4364802404329595933_n.jpg

On The Fly

Here is a “contextual” restaurant PSN from the Bozeman, Montana airport.  If it were in another place, it might not work.  But here, it passes the PSN test with flying colors.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.img_1500