Shell Yeah

This is not a shella good or shella cool PSN (look it up on Urban Dictionary…) but it’s a pretty good one nonetheless.  Spotted in Savannah, Georgia by Sandy Schneider.

Shell Yeah Savanah Mommy.jpeg

Salt and Paper

The absolutely perfect name for a nautical inspired stationery and gift store.  We’re not sure where Manzanita, Oregon is but thanks to Lynne Segall, it’s on the PSN map.

Salt and Paper Manzanita OR.jpeg

Gotcha Covered

Lynne Segall always has us covered with her myriad of finds.  She’s not blind to this one seen in Atlanta, Georgia.  We always wonder what the “more” is with these kinds of places.

Gotcha Covered Lynne Atlanta.JPG

Cabin Fever

Andy Schneider is hot on the trail for PSNs wherever he goes now. All the way from the booming metropolis of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, he sends us this find. I guess Andy needed to get out from wherever he was staying and went looking for PSNs.

The Floor Trader

PSNs are indeed a precious commodity in the eyes of Sandy Schneider.  Spotted in Richmond, Virginia.


Prints Charming

Nancy Schneider gets the point here for spotting a now out-of-business pun shop in Charleston, South Carolina.  Some forensic PSN spotting has determined it was a custom framing and home decor store.  As Andy Schneider, Nancy’s prince charming, said, “The parking sign indicates the PSN was more successful than the actual shop.”


We’ll Floor You

This is a classic PSN that probably feels like we have seen it many times before in many different places.  Nevertheless, it floors us every time.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Jupiter, Florida.IMG_2417


Hemingway didn’t write it, but it’s still a fitting PSN for a home decor store in Key West, Florida.  Spotted by first time punter Yuri Goldvasser.


Who knew Sinatra was into quilting?  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Boca Raton, Florida.stitchcraft

Nautical But Nice

Those sailors sure do have dirty minds.  And there must be something to please them at this by-the-sea related home store.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Tequesta, Florida.nautical-but-nice

Kimona My House

Rosemary Clooney was once seen shopping here.  Well, not really.  But this PSN does pay homage to her most famous song, Come On-a My House.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in North Palm Beach, Florida.kimono-my-house