Rise Bakery

Always rising to the PSN spotting occasion when she goes to a new city, Sandy Schneider finds this tasty morsel in Richmond, Virginia.


Maid For You

With this entrant, Sandy Schneider has it made in the shade as far as keeping her second place contributor status.  Spotted in Suffolk, Virginia.


The Floor Trader

PSNs are indeed a precious commodity in the eyes of Sandy Schneider.  Spotted in Richmond, Virginia.


Olive U Mediterranean Grill

Is it a restaurant, a school cafeteria, or Olive The Above in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? PSN spotting is obviously a labor of love for Lauren Goldvasser.


Door-Key Locksmith

A lot of people think Jonathan Schneider is kind of dorky because of his obsession with PSNs.  And this find from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida proves it!


Yarning For Ewe

Eyeing second place on the contributor list, Lynne Segall is always yarning to find a good PSN.  Here she scores a rare double PSN in Atlanta, Georgia.


Vinyl Daze

We all wish that Vinyl Daze would have been Sandy Schneider’s 33rd, 45th, or 78th submission.  But we’ll settle for 40.  Spotted clear as day in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


The Right Angle

The Right Angle bookends a trio of PSNs on Heritage Street in Kinston, North Carolina.  Spotted by the always sharp Andy Schneider.


Middle Grounds Coffeehouse

There’s no grey area here – this is an excellent PSN from Andy Schneider.  The second in a trio of PSNs on Heritage Street in Kinston, North Carolina.


GI Joe’s Coffee & Snack Bar

Andy Schneider scores a rare hat-trick of PSN spotting on Heritage Street in Kinston, North Carolina.  GI Joe’s is the first in a trio of well-done PSNs.



Well tickety-boo!  Here’s another PSN in Virginia Beach, Virginia spotted by Sandy Schneider.


Hava NaGrilla

While you won’t find any treif at this BBQ festival, you’ll likely see a hora! Spotted in Wynnewood, New Jersey by unknowing first-time contributor Zlata Faerman with an able assist by Lauren Goldvasser.

2 Dye For

It’s rumored that Jerry, Phil, Bob, Mickey, and Bill all got their threads from this outfit in Delray Beach, Florida. Spotted by Morgan Schneider.


It’s not just drivers’ ed, it’s “Driving Solutions.”  With this find in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sandy Schneider drives the point home that she’s the firm second place contributor on A Glutton For Pun.


Fast and Furriest

Promising a jaw dropping crazy canine experience comes the Fast and Furriest.  Similar to the seven sequel and counting movie franchise, let’s hope there are more PSNs where this came from.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.



You know, there’s just really good chemistry with Lynne Segall and PSNs.  Here’s proof from Houston, Texas.

Creamistry Houston Lynne

The Big Cheese

Evidently in the PSN world, there can be two Big Cheeses.  First came one in Annapolis, Maryland.  Now comes an unrelated PSN business.  While poutine is Quebec fare, Sandy Schneider saw this purveyor in Calgary, Alberta.

The Big Cheese Mommy Calgary

Melissa’s Missteak

For too long, the only joke in the steak business – or at least for linguists and distinguished PSN spotters – has been the “Ruth’s Chris” name.  With Melissa’s Missteak, the beef eatery world seems rarin’ to get a little crazier.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Banff, Alberta.

Melissas Missteak Banf

Take Us For Granite

Although we’d prefer a more prominent position for the PSN on the Bordt & Sons truck, it’s a PSN nonetheless.  Never taking any commercial street for granted, Sandy Schneider spots this one in Calgary, Alberta.

Take Us For Granite Calgary Mommy