Let’s just say Lynne Segall is nuts over PSNs.  And she’s not chicken about gunning for the top contributor spot.  She scores again with this find in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Sole Man

Comin' to ya on a dusty road in Minturn, Colorado is The Sole Man. Blink and you'll miss the sign on Route 24. Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.

To Dye For

The Bobs, Bouffants, and Beehives are nothing special.  But the Pixies and Pigtails are to dye for.  Spotted in Delhi, New York by Patrick Noonan, a reluctant first time PSN spotter with some big encouragement from Lynne Segall.  On a personal note, Patricks’s submission provides tremendous validation that one of his former b-school students actually made something of himself!


Break Time

PSN spotting is a hard habit to break for Andy Schneider. Right on cue, he delivers this winner from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Bean and Gone

At 10am, Bean and Gone closes for the day.  How fitting.  Spotted by Alex Schneider in Vail, Colorado.


Fly Babies

Do you think Ivanka and Jared's kids shop here for their Air Force One outfits? Spotted in Denver International Airport by Jonathan Schneider.


The fine lines between medicine and spa culture blend at this Atlanta, Georgia outfit. Lynne Segall assures us SkinReMEDI is a PSN and on its face, it seems to look like one. But those security bars in the windows don't make it look too relaxing or rejuvenating.

World Piece

Always getting a piece of the PSN action wherever she goes, Lynne Segall spots this "tobacco accessory" shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

Criminal Records

Lynne Segall's PSN finds are so good, they shouldn't be legal. Just like this one in Atlanta, Georgia.


Hi, hi, hi!  Rag, Dwayne, Dee, and Shirley would love this consignment store.  It even has the same unkempt look as Rob’s Place.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.



That’s A Wrap

Although Jonathan Schneider found That’s A Wrap in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there seems no end in sight for how many PSNs he can find.


Dogs Gone Stylin’

Well doggone if she hasn’t done it again.  Is Sandy Schneider a lucky dog for finding so many PSNs?  Or is she a dog on the hunt?  Either way, she’s thrown us yet another bone from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


End of An Ear

With Lynne Segall’s continued streak of PSN finding, it’s starting to spell the end of an era of Schneider dominance atop the contributor ranking.   Here’s one she spotted in Austin, Texas right near the airport.  Unable to snap a pic of End of An Ear on the way into town earlier this week, Lynne allowed extra time on the return trip to get it done.  That’s dedication.



This outfit sure does promise a lot.  But it looks like it is with you every step (or kick) of the way.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Tequesta, Florida.  Sidekick also busts open “Martial Arts” as a new PSN category.


Fields Good Chicken

Even a strict vegetarian can spot a carnivorous PSN.  Andy Schneider comes through with this feel good entrant from New York City.  Check out the establishment’s web site for an interesting story.

Ah La Carte

“Hi, I’d like one golf cart and a side of clubs.”  That’s likely how the conversation goes at this Apalachicola, Florida golf cart rental company.   Spotted by Stuart Weger way down South.

Gorilla Cheese

Although ace photographer Joel Schneider wasn’t able to get the entire food truck to say cheese, he did capture the important part.  Spotted on the streets of New York City.


The Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is a NYC institution and has played the backdrop for scenes in Mad Men and Sex In The City.  Open since the 1950s, it’s a fabled haunt of celebrities, dignitaries, and well-heeled Upper East Siders.  Now it graces the digital pages of A Glutton For Pun.  Kudos to Andy Schneider for spotting this PSN hiding in plain sight.


Mainely Used Cars

If you’re in the market for a late model used car, head over to the guys at Mainely for a dose honesty, integrity, and apparently some humor.  Spotted by Lynne Segall in Belfast, Maine.