Busy Body Fitness Center

PSNs should be everybody’s business.  At this Palm Beach Gardens, Florida gym, it looks like could be.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.


Agave Maria

Here’s a sweet PSN from from first time spotter Laurie Goldstein (although her husband is high on the submission leaderboard).  Do you think they play Schubert during happy hour?  Spotted in Memphis, Tennessee.


Good Greek Moving & Storage

Opa! Tsárli Bráoun’s favorite moving company in the metropolis of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider, the Aristotle of the PSN world.


Stars and Strikes

Lynne Segall’s fine submissions elevate A Glutton For Pun from merely awesome to awe inspiring. We all thank our lucky stars for her brilliant finds.  From Roswell, Georgia, here’s our second bowling alley PSN.

Stars and Strikes Roswell Lynne

Cloak and Draugr

This one sent the experts at A Glutton For Pun to the stacks to investigate.  A “Draugr” is an undead but rather macabre entity from Norse mythology.  Dead fisherman and warriors can often come back as Draugrs.  We can only imagine what the specialities of this PSN tattoo parlor from Roswell, Georgia. Brought to you by the larger-than-life Lynne Segall.

Cloak and Draugr Roswell Lynne

Shear Bliss

The shear number of hair related PSNs is simply overwhelming.  Lynne Segall’s find from Roswell, Georgia brings the count to 22, second only to restaurants at 56 as of this writing.

Shear Bliss Lynne Roswell

Go With The Flow

Any spouse of a PSN spotter knows that going with the flow is important – whether that flow is turning around in the car while running late to an event just to snap a good PSN or pulling dangerously close behind a moving truck at 70 mph on the freeway.  Lynne Segall and her better half obviously went with the flow to find this gem in Roswell, Georgia.

Go With The Flow Lynne Roswell


Sandy Schneider, the Jack Kerouac of PSN spotting finds beadniks in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Jazz purists might “howl” at the reference to Bobby McFerrin though.


Cabin Fever

Andy Schneider is hot on the trail for PSNs wherever he goes now. All the way from the booming metropolis of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, he sends us this find. I guess Andy needed to get out from wherever he was staying and went looking for PSNs.

Native Sun

He’s not a native and always a little pale, but Murray Goldstein comes shining through with the PSN from Delray Beach, a Florida. The question is, did a Murray actually buy anything here for his wardrobe?Do you really know how much he ate? Rather be safe than sorry.

Weld To Do

What’s up with Asheville, North Carolina and PSNs?  Even welders are getting in on the action.  Lauren Simoes opens a new category with this find.


Fired Up

Although it has no relationship to its Bethesda, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia namesakes, we’re still pretty excited about this PSN. Spotted by Andy Schneider in Asheville, North Carolina.

Fired Up Asheville Andy

Well Played Board Game Cafe

Although he hates board games with a passion, Andy Schneider loves this PSN from Asheville, North Carolina.   Andy’s better half no doubt took him here for a couple rounds of Yahtzee.

Well Played Andy Asheville.jpeg

Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

A refined PSN spotted by Andy Schneider, the PSN connoisseur in Asheville, North Carolina.  Love this one.


Olive & Kickin’

Olive themed PSNs seem to be growing on trees these days. (See Olive U Mediterranean Grill and Olive The Above).  Not to miss out on the trend, Asheville, North Carolina offers us one as well. Spotted by Andy Schneider.


Up In Smoke

Where there is smoke, there is fire in the PSN spotting world.  Sandy Schneider spots another Up In Smoke, this time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the tobacco capital of the world.

Up In Smoke Winston Mommey

Chop Shop

With all that’s going on in this sign, it might be easy to overlook the PSN.  But not for Sandy Schneider.  Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Chop Shop Winston Mommy.JPG

Face Facts

It’s time to face the facts, Sandy Schneider is just an ace PSN spotter with no intentions of giving up her lead over the rest of the pack.  Here, she is faced with another spa-oriented PSN in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Face Facts Virginia Beach Mommy

Dye Pretty

This is not a PSN To Dye For or even 2 Dye For, but it’s a PSN nonetheless.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Dye Pretty Winston Mommy

Hip Pop

Why settle for an ordinary popsicle when you can have an artisan style one?  You don’t have to.  You now can be as hip as desserts come.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Hip Pop Jonathan PBG