Seas The Moment

A first of its kind on A Glutton for Pun – a house for rent!  And it kind of reminds of us what those clever boat owners do.  Hats off to the PSN loving proprietor of this establishment in 30A, Florida.


the Melt Down

There couldn’t be a better name for what it’s like to be in Florida in the Summer.  Oh, and this happens to be a PSN too.  Spotted by Joel Schneider in the oddly named “30A” Florida.  Incidentally, this is Joel’s second grilled cheese PSN.  And Bradley, his brother, sent one as well.  Must run in the family.


Cut’ Loose

What is it with these hair places?  Yet another “cut’n” style PSN from Sandy Schneider. Spotted in Jonesville, North Carolina.  Wasn’t Footloose filmed there?  Is this where they outlawed dancing?


Tee Time

I wonder if you can get a cuppa here or just an Arnold Palmer?  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Jonesville, North Carolina.



A very tech forward PSN in a new category as well – home security.  A very smart find in Orlando, Florida by Joel Schneider.


Desperate Housewares

Lynne Segall is desperately trying to get into second place as a PSN spotter.  However, her finds are anything but desperate.  Well maybe this one is.  Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia.



Lynne Segall always looks polished wherever she goes. No wonder this PSN nail salon captured her eye in Atlanta, Georgia.


Dig In

Lynne Segall gets the first multiple image post. She digs into the art of PSN spotting with this find in the Big Apple.


Tee Bar

With the recent addition of Instagram to the A Glutton For Pun media empire, we’re wondering how we post the leaderboard over there? Does Instagram fit us to a t? We are not sure. But this PSN in Manhattan sure does. Spotted by Lynne Segall.


The Upper Rust

Brilliant find in the Big Apple by the upperclass of PSN spotters, Lynne Segall.



A lovely blending of Mexican and Indian cuisine! This was cooked up to order for a PSN! Spotted in Manhattan by Lynne Segall.


Once Upon A Tart

Once upon a time I might not have accepted this one because of its lack of a rhyme. But PSN intent is there. Good work finding and convincing from Lynne Segall in New York, New York.


Dog Days

The Dog Days of Summer are when the heat is so hot that things get downright lethargic. But for Sandy Schneider, PSN finding is heating up.  This is her fourth submission of the day! Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Kneaded Energy

Sandy Schneider finds a much kneaded entry for massage services – KNOT! We have quite a few now.  Spotted in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Maids Of Honor

It is truly an honor to post this submission from Sandy Schneider in Greensboro, North Carolina.



A PSN is always a cure for what ails ya.  Even better if it’s a PETicure.  Spotted by Lee Sarkin in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Peticure Palm Beach Gardens Lee.jpeg

The Candy Bar

Sidle up to this bar for a shot of sugar with PSN chaser.  Spotted in Virginia Beach, Virginia by Sandy Schneider.


Sew Easy

Lynne Segall makes finding PSNs look sew easy here. Spotted in Wellesley, Massachusetts.


The Upper Crust

With this being her 49th submission (and hard on the heels of current second place spotter Sandy Schneider), Lynne Segall proves she is in the upper crust of all PSN spotters.  Unrelated to the other Upper Crust, Lynne’s find is in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The Upper Crust Lynne Welsley MA.JPG

Mai Thai Spa

The erudite Lynne Segall spots this “spa” in Wellesley, Massachusetts.   Do they serve Mai Tais there before or after the massage?

Mai Thai Massage Lynne Welsley MA.JPG