Hair We Are

Stand up and be counted – or cut. From Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Shear Miracles

“It’s a miracle the pic turned out in the dark!!” says Lynne Segall with a delightful find from Atlanta, Georgia.

I suspect Lynne is now carrying around super sensitive photo equipment no matter where she goes (or when) in order to photograph a PSN.  She plays it cool here suggesting she is simply using an iPhone. We know better. She is nervous about holding on to second place with a submission from Sandy Schneider earlier today.


A Cut Above

I’ll take their word for it despite what the signage suggests.  From me and spotted in Hobe Sound, Florida.


Beauty and the Beach

What a gorgeous PSN.  Lynne Segall is the Belle of the Ball with such a find in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.


Hair We R

And there she goes again with another stellar PSN find from Ocean City, Maryland.


Tangled Up

How did a good person like Sandy Schneider get tangled up in this whole PSN spotting thing?  Her husband (my dad) would certainly like to know.  It would save them from having to pull over every time Sandy spots a PSN like this one in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Cutt’n Up

The owners of this establishment in Gloucester, Virginia must do a lot of cutti’n up because they only work three days a week from 9am – 3pm.   Spotted by Sandy Schneider, the Vidal Sassoon of PSNs.



The antidote to bad hair days… With two finds in one day, Jill Abel is finally letting her hair down and getting into the flow of finding PSNs.  Spotted in Jacksonville, Florida.



Jill Abel just idolizes her younger brother (me) and his ability to find PSNs wherever he goes.   We’re not very well represented in Jacksonville, Florida and Jill is out to change that.  At first I thought this was an eyeglass store!


A Natural Buzz

With this submission, Lynne Segall enters the rarified digital territory of second place PSN spotter.  Took me a while to get this one but it works on a couple of levels.  Aveda is known for its natural products and “buzz” is obviously a cut.  But the buzz around here is that there’s a new Deputy Sherriff in AGP Town.


Hair 2 Dye 4

Unrelated to Dye Pretty2 Dye For, and To Dye For comes another riff on the same theme.  These are just killing me.  Spotted by Lynne Segall near Pickens, South Carolina. And I’m just dieing to got there – not.


Shear Elegance

Nothing other than a straightforward PSN find.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Shear Elegance Me ORD.JPG

Grateful Head

When I was growing up, most Dead Heads had long hair.  I guess this is where they came after they realized they needed to enter the real world. Spotted by Lynne Segall in North Georgia – city unknown.

Grateful Head North Georgia.JPG

Chop Shop

Chop chop.  Sandy Schneider better keep finding more PSNs like this because Lynne Segall is gaining on her second place lead. Mommy (I’m not ashamed to say I call her that even at 47 years old) finds this one in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Chop Shop Mommy VaBeach.jpeg

Cut’ Loose

What is it with these hair places?  Yet another “cut’n” style PSN from Sandy Schneider. Spotted in Jonesville, North Carolina.  Wasn’t Footloose filmed there?  Is this where they outlawed dancing?



The number of “Cutn” PSNs on this blog cuts like a knife!  Spotted in Clemmons, North Caroline by Sandy Schneider.

Cuttin Up Clemons Mommy.jpeg


Give me your best cut!  A PSN that works on so many levels.  From first time PSN spotter Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.

Barber Q Portland Oregon Laura Sciortino.jpeg

Cutting Edge Salon

Well I’ll just say it, she’s always on the cutting edge of PSN spotting.  From Sandy Schneider in Greenville, NC.


Shear Bliss

The shear number of hair related PSNs is simply overwhelming.  Lynne Segall’s find from Roswell, Georgia brings the count to 22, second only to restaurants at 56 as of this writing.

Shear Bliss Lynne Roswell

Chop Shop

With all that’s going on in this sign, it might be easy to overlook the PSN.  But not for Sandy Schneider.  Spotted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Chop Shop Winston Mommy.JPG