Don’t let the name scare you…

It seems like this growers collective is doing things right.  Submission five from Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.


All Washed Up

She’s certainly not all washed up – she’s just getting started.  Let’s give a warm AGP welcome to Candy Berlin for her first submission all the way from Gotham.


Central Bark

Rodgers and Hart always said dogs love to row on Central Bark lake.  Do you think they have one here?  Spotted by Laura Sciortino in Portland, Oregon.


Painting The Town

Let’s paint the town with PSNs!  Or how about just paint?  In any event, call Tony he’s got you covered…Spotted by Andy Schneider in New Bern, North Carolina.

Painting The Town New Bern Andy.jpeg

Maddie’s Cakes

It’s always a treat to find a PSN that incorporates a proper name.  This sweet one sure does.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Advance, North Carolina.

Maddie's Cakes Winston Mommy.jpeg

Latté Da

A second Latté Da!  Spotted in Captiva, Florida by Brad Singer.

Latte Da Captiva Brad Singer.jpeg

Parrots of the Caribbean

Spotted by swashbuckling PSN spotter Murray Goldstein in Grand Cayman.  What could have been a silly moniker is actually quite a good PSN for a tour bus company with a guide blaring out dandies through a PA system.


Native Sun

He’s not a native and always a little pale, but Murray Goldstein comes shining through with the PSN from Delray Beach, a Florida. The question is, did a Murray actually buy anything here for his wardrobe?Do you really know how much he ate? Rather be safe than sorry.

Olive & Kickin’

Olive themed PSNs seem to be growing on trees these days. (See Olive U Mediterranean Grill and Olive The Above).  Not to miss out on the trend, Asheville, North Carolina offers us one as well. Spotted by Andy Schneider.