Pie Society

Submitted not by Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, or the Chairman of the Board but rather our own Sandy Schneider.  And not in Newport, Rhode Island but in Savannah, Georgia.

Savanah Mommy.jpeg

Bake My Day

Well this one certainly made my evening.  Walt Abercrombie, an unknowing first time punster spotted this organic bakery in Amsterdam and posted it on his blog.  Usually along with Linda, his wife, but sometimes solo (like when he rode across the US), he takes some incredible and always well-photographed journeys.  Although Walt didn’t “officially” submit this one to AGP, we’re going to give it to him since he’s such a great guy.

Bake My Day Walt.jpg

Flour Child

With a birthday before WW II officially ended, Sandy Schneider is not quite a flower child.  But she does her best.  Spotted in Virginia Beach, Virginia (immediately after I left town!).

Flour Child Mommy VaBeach.jpeg

Once Upon A Tart

Once upon a time I might not have accepted this one because of its lack of a rhyme. But PSN intent is there. Good work finding and convincing from Lynne Segall in New York, New York.


The Upper Crust

With this being her 49th submission (and hard on the heels of current second place spotter Sandy Schneider), Lynne Segall proves she is in the upper crust of all PSN spotters.  Unrelated to the other Upper Crust, Lynne’s find is in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The Upper Crust Lynne Welsley MA.JPG

Knead Bread

I’ve been on a dry spell lately.  I certainly needed this one.  Spotted in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Knead Bread Palm Beach Gardens Jonathan.JPG

Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

A refined PSN spotted by Andy Schneider, the PSN connoisseur in Asheville, North Carolina.  Love this one.


Queen of Tarts

A Glutton For Pun has been on a bit of a “holiday” mainly due to work, a couple birthdays, and a hurricane. But it’s back and better than ever with this post kicking off a string of 16 new submissions.

And even while he was on a real vacation in Dublin, Ireland, Stuart Weger was working hard to find PSNs.  Here is one that should make PSN spotters everywhere green with envy.

Queen of Tarts Dublin Stuart

Rise Bakery

Always rising to the PSN spotting occasion when she goes to a new city, Sandy Schneider finds this tasty morsel in Richmond, Virginia.


Breadwinner Cafe

The food (especially the lemon-poppyseed bread) is so great here that everyone is a winner!  Nannette Wien, its controller / CFO, submitted this one from Atlanta, Georgia.breadwinner

Java Cow

There’s a little something for everyone at this combination coffee and ice cream eatery. Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Park City, Utah.java-cow

Fresh Baked

The legalized marijuana industry is growing rapidly in the US and so are the 420 related PSNs.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Boulder, Colorado.fresh-baked

Get Sconed

Be careful what you order at this airport establishment or you might just get baked.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider at Denver International Airport in Colorado.5z6a0143

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Don’t ask for anything else at this national bakery chain.  They don’t got it.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.nothing-bundt-cakes

Piece of Cake

Who said traveling was difficult?  It’s a piece of cake at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.  Spotted by Jonathan Schneider.piece-of-cake