Thistle Do Nicely

Did you know that the thistle is the national flower of Scotland?  I didn’t until first time punster Dany Weer sent me this nice find from Edinburgh.  Hope she brings me back something from there.


Salt and Paper

The absolutely perfect name for a nautical inspired stationery and gift store.  We’re not sure where Manzanita, Oregon is but thanks to Lynne Segall, it’s on the PSN map.

Salt and Paper Manzanita OR.jpeg

Five and Tenn

Five and Tenn is his second PSN.  But who’s counting?  Spotted by Aaron Peyton in Nashville, Tennessee.

Five and Tenn A Peyton Nashville.jpeg

Fair Trade Winds

By far the most controversial and contested entrant to appear on A Glutton For Pun.  Lynne Segall spotted this responsibly sourcing gift shop in Bar Harbor, Maine early on in her rise to PSN spotting glory.  The author thought it weak but after much back and forth and even an arbitrator, it gains entry.  Does that sound like a fair description of what happened Lynne?  You wind.

Fair Trade Winds Lynne Bar Harbor.JPG