Sea La Vie

The formal translation of “C’est la vie” is “That’s Life.”  Yet, it really is the French equivalent of the flippant (and terribly horrible) “It is what it is” statement that suggests acquiescence.

However, Sandy Schneider is anything but accepting of dropping to third place in AGP’s PSN spotting rankings. With finds like this one from Virginia Beach, Virginia (aka “The Beach”), she should be “back on top in June.” (Get it?  Search Sinatra if not…)


Spill the Beans

The name does not give confidence in its baristas.  Let’s hope they are as skilled as the owner is playful.  From Joel Schneider in Greenville, South Carolina.



He’s not meaner than a junkyard dog.  He’s just Stuart Weger who loves a good PSN when he sees one. Like this double in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Was Fred Sanford’s place open 7 days a week?  Aunt Esther would not be pleased.


Fire and Rice

Let’s have a big AGP welcome for Andrea Lauer Rice for a red hot submission from Naples, Florida.  We love seeing the happy couple but Andrea now knows we keep the people out of the shot as best we can.  We can’t have anything detract from the PSN itself.


A Cut Above

I’ll take their word for it despite what the signage suggests.  From me and spotted in Hobe Sound, Florida.



It’s not the best photo.  It’s not even close to pawfect.  Please forgive.  From me to you in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Thank goodness this company is “insuranced” – lots of scammers down here.


Party Fowl

I had to slow my rental car down to a crawl to snap a pic in Nashville, Tennessee.  But hey, no harm, no fowl.


The Eyes Have It

This is our third “The Eyes Have It.”  It would make more sense if we had four eyes…that have it?  In the Charlotte Douglass, North Carolina airport from the world’s leading PSN spotter.


King of Pops

I’ve been after this one a while!  I was workin’ day and night to find it.  I wouldn’t stop till I got it.  No one would beat me to it.  And it was a thrill to find.  Shall I go on?  From Atlanta, Georgia.


A Salt & Battery

Andy Schneider commits a crime of PSN passion with this spectacular find in New York City, New York.  Well done.

A Salt & Battery.jpeg

Beauty and the Beach

What a gorgeous PSN.  Lynne Segall is the Belle of the Ball with such a find in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.


Ruff Life

First there was Ruff Housing from Sandy Schneider.  Now there is Ruff Life from Lynne Segall.   Keeping track of these is getting tough.  Or rough.  From, Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.




Totes of the Town

Wherever she goes, Lynne Segall is the talk of the town thanks to her extraordinary PSN finding skills.  Watch out Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, she’s just getting started.


Pie Society

Submitted not by Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, or the Chairman of the Board but rather our own Sandy Schneider.  And not in Newport, Rhode Island but in Savannah, Georgia.

Savanah Mommy.jpeg

All Washed Up

She’s certainly not all washed up – she’s just getting started.  Let’s give a warm AGP welcome to Candy Berlin for her first submission all the way from Gotham.


Vanity Fur

For the truly pampered pooch, there is Vanity Fur in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Given the humidity, sand, and salt, it probably specializes in up doos and buzz cuts. Spotted by Sandy Schneider.

Vanity Fur Hilton Head Mommy.jpeg

Hair We R

And there she goes again with another stellar PSN find from Ocean City, Maryland.


The Crab Bag

Lynne Segall has the second place PSN spotting ranking in the bag thanks to finds like this one from Ocean City, Maryland.


Liquid Assets

Only a b-school professor could identify a PSN like this.  And one did!  Thanks Lynne Segall for capitalizing on the opportunity to find a PSN during your travels to Ocean City, Maryland.  We owe you a huge debt of gratitude!


off the hook

A normally reserved Lynne Segall let her hair down here and the rest was history.  From Bethany Beach, Delaware.