Dog House

If you stuff your face, lounge around all day, and get massively sun burnt, you won’t be in the dog house on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. Because that’s what is required even if you don’t make it to this onboard eatery. Spotted by me somewhere on the high seas of the Bahamas.

Pane In The Glass

Although his better half might think he is at some times, first time punster Charlie Moore is no PIA. Especially if he is able to spot PSNs like this one in Aviemore, Scotland.

Maine-ly Drizzle

The forecast calls for dry humor with a slight chance of PSNs.  This one squeaks by – barely.  It’s certainly no Olive & Kickin’ or Olive The Above.  Spotted by Murray Goldstein in Kennebunkport (Maine of course…).


Seas The Day

Kennebunkport, Maine is not just home to the Bush family compound.  It’s home to a clever PSN as well.  Spotted by Murray Goldstein.


Pita Pan

Proving that she is becoming a grown up in the world of PSN spotting, Laurie Goldstein finds this one north of the border in Montreal, Canada.  Tres bien!


A Natural Buzz

With this submission, Lynne Segall enters the rarified digital territory of second place PSN spotter.  Took me a while to get this one but it works on a couple of levels.  Aveda is known for its natural products and “buzz” is obviously a cut.  But the buzz around here is that there’s a new Deputy Sherriff in AGP Town.


Suga & Ice

We’re not sure what luxury ice cream is but it sure sounds nice…

With this one from Duluth, Georgia, Lynne ties up Sandy Schneider for the second place punster spot.   Congrats Lynne!  Only time will tell (great PSN for a watch shop by the way) if Lynne can hang on or surpass Sandy.


Athletic Feat

If Lynne Segall can find one more PSN before my mom does, she’ll have pulled off a feat no one else has been able to do since AGP’s inception – tie for second.  Lynne spotted this sporty one in Napa, California.


Tails of the City

One day, they’re going to write a tale about how I created AGP.  Well on another note, in the Napa Valley, they take dog grooming as seriously as their wine.  Spotted by Lynne Segall.


Eye Site

My eyes are bleary from today’s epic update.  I might need to check this store out in Duluth, Georgia. Spotted by Lynne Segall.


Hair 2 Dye 4

Unrelated to Dye Pretty2 Dye For, and To Dye For comes another riff on the same theme.  These are just killing me.  Spotted by Lynne Segall near Pickens, South Carolina. And I’m just dieing to got there – not.



A charming and sassy find in Charm City.  That’s Baltimore, Maryland for all you Southerners out there.  Spotted by me.

Sassanova Me Balt.JPG

Site For Sore Eyes

Those crazy opticians are at it again.  With all of the optical-oriented PSNs, it’s enough to make your eyes glaze over.  Spotted in San Francisco, California by Lynne Segall.

Site for Sore Eyes Lynne SFO.JPG

The Organic Coup

Lynne Segall is staging a peaceful coup to grab top PSN status.  And she’s doing it organically.  Spotted where else but in San Francisco, California.

The Organic Coup Lynne SFO.JPG

Shear Elegance

Nothing other than a straightforward PSN find.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Shear Elegance Me ORD.JPG

Sacred Art

A contextual PSN due to the high concentration of Catholics in the Chicagoland area.  But AGP is a non-denominational site!  Spotted by me.

Sacred Art Me ORD.JPG


A gluttonous find for AGP.  Spotted by BBQ aficionado Sandy Schneider in Lewisville, North Carolina.

Pig-N-Out Mommy NC.JPG

Off The Hook

It’s not an off the chain PSN but it works.  Spotted by Andy Schneider in Moorehead City, North Carolina.

Off the Hook Andy Moorehead City.jpeg

Home Plate

Lynne Segall strikes again with another PSN find. Spotted in San Francisco, California.

Home Plate Lynne SFO.JPG


Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by the groundswell of love and submissions for AGP.  So this find is especially relevant.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Groundswell Me ORD.JPG