The Organic Coup

Lynne Segall is staging a peaceful coup to grab top PSN status.  And she’s doing it organically.  Spotted where else but in San Francisco, California.

The Organic Coup Lynne SFO.JPG

Shear Elegance

Nothing other than a straightforward PSN find.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Shear Elegance Me ORD.JPG

Sacred Art

A contextual PSN due to the high concentration of Catholics in the Chicagoland area.  But AGP is a non-denominational site!  Spotted by me.

Sacred Art Me ORD.JPG


A gluttonous find for AGP.  Spotted by BBQ aficionado Sandy Schneider in Lewisville, North Carolina.

Pig-N-Out Mommy NC.JPG

Off The Hook

It’s not an off the chain PSN but it works.  Spotted by Andy Schneider in Moorehead City, North Carolina.

Off the Hook Andy Moorehead City.jpeg

Home Plate

Lynne Segall strikes again with another PSN find. Spotted in San Francisco, California.

Home Plate Lynne SFO.JPG


Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by the groundswell of love and submissions for AGP.  So this find is especially relevant.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Groundswell Me ORD.JPG

Grateful Head

When I was growing up, most Dead Heads had long hair.  I guess this is where they came after they realized they needed to enter the real world. Spotted by Lynne Segall in North Georgia – city unknown.

Grateful Head North Georgia.JPG

Food For Thought

Lynne Segall should really think twice before sending me such a bad image.  But I appreciate the effort.  I wonder what is on the menu that is so thought provoking.  Spotted in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Food For Thought Lynne PBG.JPG

Flour Child

With a birthday before WW II officially ended, Sandy Schneider is not quite a flower child.  But she does her best.  Spotted in Virginia Beach, Virginia (immediately after I left town!).

Flour Child Mommy VaBeach.jpeg

Upbeat Music Company

Sandy Schneider is always running at full speed when it comes to PSN spotting. Spotted in Lewisville, North Carolina.  Incidentally, this is the first music store PSN on AGP.

Upbeat Mommy Lewisville.JPG

We Were Made Pho Each Other

Absolutely brilliant find by Lauren Goldvasser in George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.  This is the (pho) real deal ladies and gentlemen.

We Were Made Pho Each Other Lauren IAH.jpeg

That’s Our Bag

PSNs are my bag baby. And everyone knows it. Spotted by me (not Alex in the pic) in Chicago, Illinois.

That's My Bag Me ORD.JPG


I found this one fair and square although I was with some other family members who might like to say it was theirs.  Spotted in Chicago, Illinois.

Fairgrounds Me ORD.JPG

Eye See

I saw what they were doing here and I liked it.  Spotted by me in Chicago, Illinois.

Eye See Me ORD.JPG


Another optical store in San Francisco from Lynne Segall.  The frames had better be good in this store.

Eye Conic Lynne ATL.JPG

Eye Carumba

There’s a typo in this PSN (it should be Caramba not Carumba) but wow, it’s a good one.  Spotted by Lynne Segall in San Francisco, California.

Eye Carumba Lynne SFO.JPG


Eggs (lightly scrambled) are my favourite food so this PSN blows me away.  Spotted by Lauren Goldvasser, in Montreal, Canada.

Eggspectations Lauren.JPG

Culture Shop

Anyone who goes in here is probably in for a shock.  It looks like the costume shop from The Handmaid’s Tale.  Spotted by Sandy Schneider in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Culture Shop Mommy NC.jpeg

Chop Shop

Chop chop.  Sandy Schneider better keep finding more PSNs like this because Lynne Segall is gaining on her second place lead. Mommy (I’m not ashamed to say I call her that even at 47 years old) finds this one in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Chop Shop Mommy VaBeach.jpeg